If you live or work in Bellevue, your voice needs to be heard! The City Council is meeting to discuss the interchange options for the first time on the evening of Monday, September 28th, and we need to remind them of the promises they’ve made to keep our residents safe and our city green! Please write an email to the Council at with the subject line Written Communications – September 28th, 2020 Council Meeting. Include your name, address (work address if you work in Bellevue), and share your reasons why you oppose the construction of this new interchange + how you want Bellevue to look instead. We’ve included some example points below to get you started:

Bellevue has set ambitious targets to reduce our city’s greenhouse gas emissions. Building a new interchange to encourage more driving is exactly the wrong direction to move in.

City Council has committed to actions that will lead to zero deaths on Bellevue’s streets by 2030 – building more roads to help more cars move more quickly through our city is going to increase the danger to our most vulnerable residents.

We know that “if we build it, they will come”. So why don’t we choose to build better walking, biking, and transit facilities so that we can grow in a more sustainable and equitable way?

The “No build” alternative is the only responsible choice that will fulfill our commitments to our residents for a safe, green, and equitable future.

Is public speaking more your style? Reach out to for information on how to provide oral testimony to Council instead.

Every email, every voice will make a difference in stopping this project. Thank you for your help!

Header photo by Brian David Casey

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